If they build it, we can move it
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Can you move my house?
As a rule, yes – we can move your house! It depends upon the style and size, because the road width tells us what will fit and not fit. For example: When we moved the house I live in now, because of the design we cut it into 4 sections to travel on the roads we needed to take.
Will my house fall apart?
No – we will place very strong beams – and enough of them – to ensure your house doesn’t fall apart during the moving process.
Will my house crack up inside?
As a rule, a house will show 7 or 8 small cracks off the corner of a doorway or window. We have moved many homes without any cracking at all.
What does it cost to move my house?
There is no set number applicable to all homes. Factors that determine the cost to move hour house include the size, the present site your house sits on, the condition of the house itself, the new site and the roads available between the present site and the new site – all of these factors are taken into consideration when calculating the price for moving your house.